The rind of Manchego cheese

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14 August, 2020
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The rind of Manchego cheese

The rind is an essential part of Manchego Cheese. It is like the DNA of Cheese, which allows us to know a lot about the cheese in front of us. Thanks to it, among other things, we can distinguish and know what cure each variety of cheese has. In this way, the rind of a soft cheese is not the same as that of an old cheese.

Manchego Cheese has a very peculiar shape, thanks to the pleitas molds on the side surface and the flower type molds on the flat faces.

For its part, we must not forget that the rind is, above all, the part of the cheese that protects it from the outside. Its formation occurs during the healing process, being in contact with the environment. And, thanks to it, the cheese acquires the nuances and flavors that make cheese a food with a very specific and delicious flavor.

How is the rind Manchego Cheese?

In the case of Manchego Cheese, its rind is consistent and hard. It has a pale yellow or greenish-blackish color when the surface of the molds developed during maturation is not cleaned. It has a peculiar shape, thanks to the pleitas molds on the side surface and flower type on the flat faces.

The rind is one of the main characteristics that distinguishes Manchego Cheese from other types of cheese.

The rind: is it eaten or not eaten?

Many times we have asked ourselves if we can eat the rind of Manchego Cheese. Well, it depends on the type of cheese and the degree and way of curing.

In addition, it is important that when cutting and serving the cheese, it is done keeping the corresponding part of rind. Thus, it will allow us to better appreciate the extraordinary flavor of the cheese on the palate.

From there, it is decision to the consumer to eat the bark or not, always taking into account whether or not it can be done. If you have any doubts with any variety, on the label they are required to indicate whether or not the rind is edible.

When we cutt and serve the cheese, it is best done while keeping the rind, thus keeping its properties intact before consuming.

In short, the rind of Manchego Cheese is its letter of introduction. And thanks to it we can distinguish it and differentiate it from other types of cheeses. Remember, always consume Manchego Cheese and enjoy with Quesos Lominchar.

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