With a strong tradition in cheese production and livestock of the native breed of sheep from 'La Mancha', dairy production has retained its purity, quality and craftsmanship.


The founders of 'Quesos Lominchar' begin their journey as cheese makers in the year 1991, transforming the milk of their own sheeps into cheese.

'Quesos Lominchar, S.L.' focuses its activity on creating and promoting its own production through the creation of its brands, innovation in the production and certification of the production of its products with the Appellation of Origin 'La Mancha'.

Currently 'Quesos Lominchar, S.L.' has a cattle farm of about 2000 own sheep heads and they buy around 1,130,000 liters of milk from the cattlemen of the surroundings. With this they reach a total of 1,500,000 liters of milk, which give approximately 283,000 kg. of cheese per year, aproximated 95% of that with the Appellation of Origin 'La Mancha'.

''Quesos Lominchar, S.L.' commitment to modern facilities adapted to artisanal and handcrafted production in relatively small volumes and a mostly mechanical and modern production, which today ensures a higher quality of the product. In parallel they put great efforts in the innovation of genetics and methods of raising their cattle, thanks to which they gradually achieve a constant production, less and less dependent on the natural periods of production in our land.

The company 'Quesos Lominchar, S.L.' has a familiar and handmade character, committed to the local culture and a very high quality production. It is valued to create quality products and great exclusivity over the generation of volumes.

Our tradition linked to hard work and committed to the product and raw materials, makes us one of the best cheese in the world. Varieties awarded and recognized by experts and customers in Spain and in the rest of the world. Our goal is always to improve in order to offer an amazing a unique product. The flavor of our cheeses is special. We have a different product, which does not leave anyone indifferent who has the opportunity to taste it. We bring home the best of our land.
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Elaboration based on artisan tradition, affection and dedication. We put all the effort to maintain the flavors of a lifetime.

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In Corral de Almaguer, “where 'La Mancha' begins to be”, we find the company 'Quesos Lominchar', where the best Cheese in the world is manufactured.

The founders and the owners of 'Quesos Lominchar' begin their path as cheese makers in the year 1991, transforming the milk from their own sheep. Since its beginnings, the company placed special emphasis on obtaining a product with the highest level of quality, starting from their own livestock and selecting the best livestock in the area. All this, together with the use of the most modern machinery and tecnology and the efforts made by its workers in all phases of the manufacturing process, make today the cheeses made by 'Quesos Lominchar' are one of the most prestigious and loved in the market. Proof of that, the numerous awards obtained by the company in a lot of regional, national and international competitions.

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How is made "the best cheese in the world"


NAME: Quesos Lominchar

COMPANY NAME: Quesos Lominchar, S.L.

CIF/NIF: B45403433

PROFESSIONAL/SOCIAL DOMICILE: Carretera Nacional 301, Km 98 - 45880 Corral de Almaguer, Toledo (Spain).

Registered in the COMMERCIAL REGISTRY of Toledo, tome 771, book 0, folio 64, section 8, sheet TO11595, entry 1, date 07/10/97.

PHONE NUMBER: (+34) 925 20 72 46 / EEUU +1 646 863 6033

EMAIL: quesoslominchar@quesoslominchar.com

WEBSITE: www.quesoslominchar.com

Quesos Lominchar S.L.
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Fernando Domezain Fau
Fernando Domezain Fau
14:42 15 Apr 20
En i opinión el mejor queso manchego curado viejo que conzco.La web la podían mejorar
Ugenio Hernández Jimenez
Ugenio Hernández Jimenez
18:17 11 Jan 20
Espeatacular el sabor de sus quesos. Se lo recomiendo a todos
Franco Albares
Franco Albares
16:00 17 Dec 19
Llevo mas de 20 años tomando este queso manchego curado, es una . Sin lugar a dudas un majar totalmente... recomendable.verdadera delicia para el paladar. La relación precio calidad es magníficaread more
F Arenas
F Arenas
13:24 20 Nov 19
Parada obligatoria para comprar buen queso manchego
Ma José
Ma José
13:32 11 Nov 19
Una fábrica de queso de gran calidad. Precios muy buenos. Los quesos curados y artesanos son espectaculares. En la... puerta hay un pequeño aparcamiento, llamas al timbre de la puerta y enseguida te atienden. La atención rápida ycorrecta. Una buena parada para reponer la nevera.read more
Nino Cabrera
Nino Cabrera
12:29 06 Nov 19
Estupenda fabrica de quesos.Tiene tienda al público con diferentes tipos de quesos muy buenos
Ferran Quintela
Ferran Quintela
13:25 19 Apr 19
El mejor queso del mundo a un precio excelente. Must: curado de oveja.
José Antonio Conde
José Antonio Conde
11:33 11 Aug 16
Quesos de gran calidad y a buen precio. Raro es el año que no se llevan algún premio.
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