How is the Manchego cheese properly preserved

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14 July, 2020
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How is the Manchego cheese properly preserved

If we open the fridge of many houses, surely they all have something in common: they all have a piece of Manchego Cheese. It is a very common food in every home because it is very tasty and, in addition, it is very versatile. It is valid both for a lunch or dinner, as a snack or for a snack.

However, many times we don’t know how preserve the Manchego Cheese properly. We mustn’t forget that Manchego Cheese is a food that needs a specific and special conservation, so that its properties of flavor, smell and texture are always kept in perfect condition.

The Manchego Cheese is a food widely consumed for its versatility and flavor.

Many doubts arise when we buy a Manchego cheese, whatever its variety and format. Peace of mind … here we are going to tell you simple tricks that will make the cheese last much longer, as it was on the first day.

As a main premise, Manchego Cheese must be kept in the fridge, under a temperature of between 5-10 grades, and with a humidity of 85-90%. Normally, many state-of-the-art refrigerators already have drawers and cheese boxes for their conservation. If not, the best place to have the cheese is the lower shelves.

However, depending on the format, we must attend to other forms of conservation. A whole cheese isn’t the same as a wedge or quarter or if we already have it sliced.

WHOLE CHEESES (Large, medium or little)

If we talk about a whole cheese, we recommend that if you are going to consume it little by little, the most comfortable thing is that you buy it in wedges or quarters vacuum packed.

If it is a whole cheese and you have already opened it, when refrigerating try to cover it with film foil or aluminum foil to prevent it from drying out and losing its natural texture.

In all cases, it must be stored in a cheese container in the refrigerator, to prevent oxygen from coming into contact with the cheese.

If your fridge doesn’t have a cheese drawer, these cheese containers are very practical because they prevent the product from drying out and, thus, maintain its properties.


As we mentioned before, wedges or quarters are a very comfortable way to buy and consume Manchego Cheese. These formats are already vacuum packed, allowing us to have it in good condition. Once opened, in these cases, we can have hermetic wedge-shaped containers that allow us to store it correctly. Failing that, you can also cover it with aluminum foil, if you are going to take a few days to eat it.

We recommend these hermetic cheeses containers if you want to preserver Manchego cheese wedges.


On many occasions, we buy the cheese in trays already cut or sliced; Or we have simply cut cheese for a dinner or special event and we have left over. In those cases, preserving in oil can be a good option.

To do this, prepare a container or jar that can be hermetically closed. Place the pieces and cover them with virgin olive oil. Close the container and thus no odors or flavors will enter that modify its properties.

This form of conservation is not only useful for pieces or slices that we have left. You can also use it for larger pieces, wedges or quarters. The olive oil, after a month or two, will give the cheese a delicious flavor and you will have plenty of time to consume it.

The olive oil, in addition to being a good natural preservative, gives Manchego cheese a special and delicious flavor.

Also, remember something important, if you see that rust appears on your cheese, don’t throw it away. It is very common in cheeses, since it continues with its curing process. You will only have to cut that part and the rest of the cheese is in perfect condition.

Manchego Cheese is a food highly appreciated by the public and in all your homes should never be missing. Also, now that you know these tricks and conservation secrets, you will enjoy it with all its properties intact.

You know where to buy it, how to keep it and how to eat it. So always remember to consume the best Manchego Cheese, with Quesos Lominchar.

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