‘Quesos Lominchar’: the key to success

Cheese mustn’t missing neither at your table… nor in your diet
19 April, 2020
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‘Quesos Lominchar’: the key to success

Over the years, the different varieties of cheese that we offer at ‘Quesos Lominchar’ have been awarded in numerous food contests and competitions, both regionally, nationally and internationally. All this has led ‘Quesos Lominchar’ to be one of the cheese companies with the most recognition in Castilla-La Mancha in recent years.


The key to success? Simple … Passion for our product and a production process made with care, affection and dedication. Starting from a quality raw material, the milk of our own sheep, and with an artisanal elaboration, but with all the technical innovations at the level of machinery and food safety. Hard and committed work to bring “the best cheese in the world” to your table.

In the last edition of the World Cheese Awards in Bergamo (Italy), the variety ‘Montescusa semi-cured’ was awarded the silver medal.

For this reason, our different varieties of cheeses with Appellation of Origin ‘La Mancha’ have received many awards. Recognizing in all cases, that work of caring for the product, from the raw material to its distribution in the market.

And we do not say it. You just have to put “Quesos Lominchar” in any Internet search engine, and all the entries and news you will see will be of prizes, recognitions and good words towards our cheeses.


Our variety of ‘Montescusa’ cheese is one of the most prestigious on the market. Internationally recognized and with numerous awards, among which the Best Pure Sheep Pressed Cheese of Spain stands out, awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

Recently, in the World Cheese Awards in Bergamo (Italy), the variety ‘Montescusa cured’ received the bronze medal and the ‘Montescusa semi-cured’ the silver medal. In this same contest, he has already received several awards in previous years. For example, in 2018, the ‘Montescusa Curado’ received the gold medal.

Both the cured and semi-cured varieties present a flavor that is unmistakable, and with an unbeatable quality. When it comes to rewarding them, the juries highlight its deep smell (which is due to its long curing, between 8 and 10 months), pleasant flavor, with caramelized touches, and its pasty and consistent texture.

It is the ideal for lovers of Manchego cheese. Those who try it, repeat, because it leaves a very good memory on the palate from the first time it is consumed.


Our ‘Ariscado’ variety is another essential part of ‘Quesos Lominchar’. Those who try it highlight its unmistakable smell and its intense flavor, slightly acidic, strong, tasty and very pleasant. All this, thanks to the quality of its main ingredient, La Mancha sheep milk.

The ‘Ariscado’ is one of the best Manchego sheep cheeses, awarded in countless national and international competitions. For example, in 2016, he received the 3rd prize in the Gourmet cheese contest.

In addition, like the ‘Montescusa’, in the 2019 edition of the World Cheese Awards in Bergamo (Italy), the variety ‘Ariscado Curado’ received the silver medal and the ‘Ariscado Semicurado’ the bronze medal. In the 2018 edition, in Bergen (Norway), both varieties brought the gold medal under their arms.

Our secret continues to be taking care of the elaboration and healing process in detail, under the artisan tradition. Thanks to this, the work of so many years has been recognized, with the commitment to make the best product and with the best quality.

We must also thank the trust of our clients during these years. Thanks to them, our success is consolidated. They are the ones who have encouraged us to improve day by day, step by step. They taste our cheeses, enjoy them and, best of all, they repeat. Our cheeses are still present at their most important and special moments: celebrations, Christmas, birthdays, etc. Cured, Semi-cured, in Oil, Old, … any variety allows us to make the celebrations more special or, simply, to add flavor to our lives. As an aperitif or for dinner.

The awards and recognitions are an incentive. A reward for our daily work. In addition, it should not be forgotten that these awards are the recognition to everyone of Manchego cheese. Unique not only nationally but also internationally.

Therefore, always remember that true Manchego cheese always has the Appellation of Origin ‘La Mancha’ label. In this way, you will recognize when a cheese is a true Manchego cheese, one of the greatest treasures of our region. For this reason, ‘Quesos Lominchar’ has always been there, to promote and spread the benefits of eating a good Manchego cheese, which should never be missing from your table.

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